"NCIS" season 17 is currently on a brief hiatus. Therefore, no new episode will air this week, but fans are assured it is not over yet. When the show returns with episode 10, we can assume things getting explosive and thrilling. Fans are assured that there is a lot to be excited about "NCIS" mid-season finale of the seventeenth season because it features the much-anticipated return of Ziva David.

Cote DePablo's much-admired character Ziva David will return to continue her four-episode arc in this segment. Even in the absence of a promo and official synopsis, all we know is Ziva's return is certain and fans would agree that it is exciting news.

Ziva returned at the beginning of this season, leaving everyone shocked and wondering. After two episodes, she left for another mission which she insisted must be fulfilled by her alone. The details about it were withheld by her and are expected to be revealed when the show resumes the run this month.

"NCIS" season 17 episode 10 is titled "The North Pole" and it will be one of the final episodes featuring Ziva. Meanwhile, we know that her return will not be a happy occasion. Instead, she is headed back to the agency for a worrisome reason. Her return is forced due to a "life and death situation." The case-of-this-week will be in two-part that continues through the midseason premiere.

It is an important investigation that may result in someone's death if proper measures are not taken by the NCIS team.

Speaking to TV Insider, "NCIS" actress Diona Reasonover, who plays the role of Kasie revealed under what circumstances Ziva returns. According to her, the team finds itself in a dangerous place when Ziva returns.

"It is a life or death situation. Ziva, Gibbs, [and] the whole team really and truly have to put this case front and center because if they don't, someone will die," Reasonover said.

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Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David in NCIS CBS

Meanwhile, the promo and synopsis for "NCIS" season 17 fall finale is yet to unveiled. However, it is expected to be released a week prior to the episode airing. Fans may have to wait for another week before they get a good look at Ziva's return episode.

"NCIS" season 17 episode 10 airs Tuesday, December 17 on CBS.