"NCIS" season 17 is bringing back fan-favourite Cote De Pablo's Ziva David. The actress made a surprise return in the last season and now she is returning for more than just a cameo.

After Ziva's mysterious departure, fans were left wondering. They have been waiting to get the answers to the questions related to the much-admired Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent.

Pablo reprised her role for a final scene of "NCIS" season 16 finale. She appeared to warn her boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) of imminent danger. She revealed to him that his life is in danger.

This time, when she returns, fans will see her for more than just a brief cameo and they can expect answers to some of the important burning questions.

"I think the audience will get some answers as to where she's been," the actress told in an interview with WUSA9 ahead of "NCIS" season 17 premiere.

Pablo was last seen as a series regular in 2013. Since her exit, her character was presumed dead. Nevertheless, she is "excited" about her comeback and informing the audience about her character's journey.

"I think what excited me about the potential comeback is the fact that I was working closely with a writer... and she really wanted to get my take on what's been going on with Ziva, 'what do you think these years have been for her? What's it like to be away from her daughter?'" Pablo said as quoted by Pop Culture. "So, we really kind of went into deeply emotional things that, I think, will inform the character."

The prime reason for her character's return is saving Gibbs, who has been a father figure to Ziva on the show. "If something's going on with Gibbs or he needs to be warned about something, or saved, or potentially taken away from harm. That would be a good enough reason to break any kind of undercover operation," she added.

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Ziva will be making her first "NCIS" season 17 appearance in episode 1 titled "Out of the Darkness." She will be appearing at least four episodes of the upcoming installment.

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Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David in NCIS CBS

So, what to expect from Ziva's return? According to TV Insider, fans will witness a very different Ziva. Speaking during an appearance on BUILD, Pablo revealed that the change in her character can be attributed to some challenging life situations she underwent. Apart from fighting to save her friend, Ziva is also aiming at reuniting with her daughter Tali, who is apparently with her husband Michael Weatherly's DiNozzo. As she fights alongside her long-time friend Gibbs, she will be struggling with some "wounds."

"NCIS" Season 17 premieres Tuesday on CBS.