The singer has told fans he has apologised for his mistakes. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

In 2013 Ne-Yo was slammed as insensitive and disrespectful for announcing his break-up with fiancé Monyetta Shaw on Instagram and now the R&B star's image has taken another battering.

Fans have lambasted the Let Me Love You singer after Shaw claimed that not only did he let her believe their relationship was leading to marriage, but she agreed to be sterilised and "have her tubes tied and burned" at his request.

During a recent episode of VH1 reality show Atlanta Exes, Shaw recalled how he dumped her over the phone and wept about the fact that she would not be able to give a new partner children.

"What if I meet the one and he doesn't have kids? I can't give you kids. That right there, it gets me. It makes me angry. From that, that's why I see why some women are bitter," the mother-of-two told singer-songwriter CeeLo Green's wife.

After the show aired, fans took to social media to express their disgust over Ne-Yo's actions, using #TeamMonyetta.

"Jesus this is horrible for a woman to go through. I couldn't imagine asking someone to do that. I don't like to judge people, I hate it but this makes it hard to get out of your head when listening to his music now," one critic said.

Another wrote: "He just didn't wanted her to never have kids for no other man. He chose the life of entertainment over his family. I have no respect for him."

Ne-Yo has since hit back at critics, insisting that everyone makes mistakes.

Next to an image that read: "Pause before you start judging, criticising or mocking others. EVERYBODY is fighting their own unique war," he said: "I've made my apologies to the people I feel I wronged. I was forgiven by those people."

He continued: "Anybody else passing judgment on me for my past mistakes and immaturities is more than welcome to it. Your opinion is your own to do with as you please. The ONLY judgment I'm truly concerned with is the ONLY one that matters. Mistakes will be made, that's human.

"To all the perfect beings out there who feel so worthy to judge my imperfection... ENJOY THE SHOW."