YES March For Marriage Equality Australia
Protesters look on during the YES March for Marriage Equality on October 21, 2017 in Sydney, Australia - File photo Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

After a large majority in Australia voted "yes" to marriage equality few weeks back, a same-sex couple from Queensland received a string of vile handwritten notes in their letterbox from a neighbour, accusing them of polluting the neighbourhood and calling for their castration.

Kirk Muddle and his partner, Andrew, who have been staying at their Maroochydore home since 11 years said they were "horrified and sad" to find the homophobic messages.

Muddle shared pictures of the vile notes on his Facebook account. "So over the last few days Andrew has had the following messages left in our letterbox here in Maroochydore (reminder Yes vote 63%)," Muddle wrote on his social media page.

"It's 2017, in a city of some 400,000 and in a region of over 2,000,000 and we're subjected to this, as two men in a committed relationship.

"I'm horrified and sad. This is not to garish sympathy this is just to remind everyone the fights not over and it probably never will be," he added.

The messages called for gay men to have their genitals "castrated" and suggested that the pair was unsuitable to look after their pet dogs.

The hateful messages, all on A4 sheets, also condemned the couple, stating, "You do realise there are children and elderly in this area?"

"I felt a combination of around four or five feelings from 'what the hell is this', to 'I can't believe its happening', and then 'you know what I'm not surprised it's happening'," Muddle told a news website.

"One of our neighbours (Who? We'll never know) doesn't think we deserve it. I'll never give up but it'll made me look at my neighbours very differently," he continued.

Muddle's Facebook post has received 2,300 views so far, with support coming from people who voted a "no" during the same-sex debate. "What people do in their own houses is their business," some "no" voters commented.