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(file photo) An invitation to the meeting is said to be circulating among prominent neo-Nazis Getty

A protest has been planned against a group of far-right activists and holocaust deniers who are holding a meeting in central London to discuss conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana.

Anti-fascist organisations will hold a demonstration against the "secret meeting" in Holborn on 9 August organised by Keep Talking, an obscure far-right group known to promote a string of conspiracy theories regarding the Holocaust, 9/11 and climate change.

The latest meeting is believed to be discussing theories surrounding Princess Diana to coincide with the 20<sup>th anniversary of her death on 31 August.

Keep Talking is run by conspiracy theorist Ian Fantom, who was pictured wearing a T-shirt saying "9/11 and 7/7 were staged" at an event also attended by Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers and notorious Holocaust denier Nicholas Kollerstrom.

Kollerstrom was stripped of his research fellowship at University College London (UCL) in disgrace after writing an article entitled The Auschwitz Gas Chamber Illusion for a known Holocaust denial website in 2007.

Copies of Kollerstrom's books were sold at the Keep Talking event, including one entitled How Britain Initiated Both World Wars and another suggesting Paul McCartney died on "9/11 of 1966" and was replaced by an impostor, reported the Daily Mail.

In a statement, Fantom explained that the presence of the Labour leader's brother at the meeting was a "set up by the press in order to smear his brother", and that the "distortion and manipulation" was coming from "the Israel lobby".

The latest meeting, due to take place at the Millman Street Community Centre, is being promoted among neo-Nazis by London Forum organiser Jeremy Bedford-Turner, according to London Anti-fascists.

Bedford-Turner is a known far-right activist who is currently under investigation after allegedly making anti-Semitic comments at a rally in London in 2015. In an unusual step, the decision not to prosecute Bedford-Turner was revisited by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) following an appeal by the Campaign Against Antisemitism group after it was originally decided a jury was unlikely to convict him of incitement to religious or racial hatred.

Bedford-Turner is accused of telling the rally in Westminster: "All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune, and the ruling regimes in the west for the last 100 years have danced to the same tune," allegedly adding: "Let's free England from Jewish control."

London Forum describe themselves as a "non-party aligned conference group for nationalists, identitarians, thinkers and commentators from across the Right".

London anti-fascists have now called a protest outside the venue of the latest meeting on Millman Street in Holborn at 7pm.

A description of the protest's Facebook page read: "An invitation to the meeting has been circulated among London's top neo-Nazis by London Forum organiser Jeremy Bedford-Turner. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana.

"Wednesday's meeting is due to take place at the Millman Street Community Centre on Millman Street from 7:30pm till 9:30pm. Before the meeting attendees are expected to gather at the Friend at Hand pub on Herbrand Street, just off Russell Square.

"The meeting is part of the Keep Talking series of meetings organised by conspiracy theorist Ian Fantom. A recent Keep Talking event in Camden saw notorious Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom attempt to speak, before the meeting was cancelled by Camden council, after pressure from anti-fascist activists."