Nepal earthquake
More than 2,500 lives have been claimed in the Nepal earthquake disaster Getty

As the death toll from the 25 April Nepalese earthquake disaster tops 2,500, countries have pledged assistance, and rescue teams and international aid have begun to arrive in the stricken Himalayan nation.

Other affected countries include India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DfID) has released £3m to help with imminent, on-the-ground needs under the Rapid Response Facility (RRF) and an additional £2m has been released to the Red Cross.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said: "As the death toll rises and the scale of this devastating earthquake becomes evident, the UK is continuing to do everything it can to help all those affected by this tragedy.

"I have now activated the Rapid Response Facility. This means we can fast-track funding to aid workers on the ground so they can provide desperately needed supplies including clean water, shelter, household items and blankets.

"We are also sending humanitarian experts from the UK to provide urgent support on the ground."

Rescue teams sent

The UK has deployed a team of eight humanitarian workers to assist Nepalese authorities in their efforts.

Both India and Pakistan have extensively responded to the tragedy. Indian Air Force (IAF) planes arrived in neighbouring Nepal with 43 tons of relief material, including tents, food and 200 rescuers. The plane would also escort stranded Indian nationals back to their country.

Pakistan has also sent four C-130 aircrafts carrying rescue and relief assistance, including a 30-bed mobile hospital. The planes are also equipped with medicine, tents, food (including 2,000 meals and ready-to-eat packs), water and a search and rescue team. It is understood that two have arrived while another two are scheduled to arrive on 27 April.

Pledges received

Australia has also pledged a $3.9m aid package while Norway promised $3.9 million and John Kerry, the US Secretary of State has offered $1m to the aid effort.

China and Singapore have committed a 68 and 55-member search and rescue team while Sri Lanka is also sending a disaster response team to assist.

A delegation from Israel's Home Front Command is set to leave for Kathmandu this evening who will be tasked with creating a rehabilitation field hospital.

The European Union said its humanitarian experts were travelling to the worst affected areas.

"The full extent of the casualties and damage is still unknown but reports indicate they will likely be high, both in terms of loss of life, injuries and damage to cultural heritage," an EU statement said.

It is understood that Malaysia, New Zealand and South Korea are assessing what aid they could deploy to Nepal.