Nepal police released footage of one of their rescue teams entering a damaged building on Monday (4 May), only to find a small treasure.

Under the rubble lay the coffers of a destroyed bank which still held in excess of 25m Nepalese rupees (£162,321, $246,198). Not a small sum in a country destroyed by the worst earthquake in more than 80 years.

The armed police forces had to drill their way to the treasure which was buried in a branch of the Bank of Kathmandu. After thoroughly counting each stack of cash, the money was sealed in large metallic containers and carried away from the area.

Thousands have been left homeless as a result of the devastating earthquake which prompted governments worldwide to pledge aid and medical equipment which have started to trickle in.

The government has begun to distribute 7,000 rupees per family to remote villages destroyed by the 25 April earthquake but many say it is not enough.