Kim Kardashian may find herself in the pre-Regency era if producer Shonda Rhimes grants her wish for a show fitting or even a small part in "Bridgerton" season 2.

The reality TV star, who is a fan of the Netflix series, freaked out when she learned that the Featherington family was inspired by the Kardashians. She said she learned about this after someone from her Bridgerton group chat forwarded a tweet from actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington a.k.a. Lady Whistledown.

"As the world's number one @bridgerton Stan does @KimKardashian know that the Kardashians were a massive inspiration for the Featheringtons and we talked about them all the time during our fittings? Because I feel like she should know this," she tweeted on Tuesday.

The ecstatic Kardashian replied, "WHAT?!?! I am freaking out!!!!!! This tweet was sent to me on my @bridgerton group chat! Can I please come to a fitting?!?! It would make my whole life!!!!!! I love you Lady W!!!"

Coughlan tweeted back, "Omg yesss of course we would love to have you!" She also told the mum-of-four that they share an acquaintance in fashion designer Mr. Pearl.

"Also did you know that Mr. Pearl made your corset for the Met Gala and the very next one he made was mine for Bridgerton? You've been part of the Bridgerton world for longer than you know!" she revealed.

The pair further exchanged excited messages with Kardashian tweeting back, "OMG I'm gonna faint!!!!!! Does this make me an honorary Duchess in Bridgerton ?!?!?!? I am the corset Queen!!" and Coughlan replied, "Why of course, Duchess Kardashian of Calabasas! Lady Whistledown is happy to declare you the season's true incomparable."

The most interesting part of the exchange however came from the official Netflix Twitter account. In response to Kardashian's request it wrote, "Kim Featherington does have a nice ring to it -- I'll see what I can do!"

For now, fans will have to wait and see if Kardashian will be in "Bridgerton" season 2. There have only been three confirmed cast additions. But with filming still yet to start later this year, then it is still not too late for her to join the show.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian sparkles in a form-fitting silver gown at the Harper's Bazaar Icons party during 2017 NYFW Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images