Monster Truck
3 people were killed and 15 injured in the monster truck show.

A monster truck has crashed into a crowd of spectators in the Netherlands, killing two adults and a child and wounding a dozen more.

The out-of-control vehicle drove over five parked cars and then ploughed into spectators at a car show in the city of Haaksbergen.

The monster truck, with tractor-size wheels, rolled into the packed crowd of spectators as bystanders looked on helplessly.

Hans Gerritsen, mayor of Haaksbergen, said in addition to the three fatalities, between 15 and 30 people were injured in the accident, five seriously.

An unnamed local man, who witnessed the incident told Dutch broadcaster NOS: "It was awful to see. It was not too bad in terms of speed. But such truck is so heavy, there is nothing can be done. I think people did not have time to jump away. It was too late. I saw many people lying on the ground, and people running there to help. There were also people under the truck."

Air ambulances, paramedics, fire engines and police all attended the scene of the accident. Some emergency services also travelled across from Germany to help with the aftermath. Two nearby hospitals implemented a disaster recovery plan.

The driver has been arrested and is being questioned by police.

While the cause of the crash has not been determined, it has been speculated that the trucks brakes failed or that its accelerator pedal got stuck causing the vehicle to career into the crowd of spectators.

Organisers insisted they had done everything they thought would be needed to ensure the safety of watching crowds.

"We are organizing this for seven years," said Geerlorf Kanis, president of Star Events Foundation Haaksbergen.

"Each year there is that kind of stunt, a car or a motorcycle. We ensure that there is always enough space, with a safety margin."