New Batman v Superman rumours have surfaced online teasing key details on the iconic battle between the two superheroes.

One of the major highlights of the eagerly-awaited film is an epic battle sequence between Batman and Superman. Fans have been speculating on how Batman, who's ultimately a mere human, can stand a chance against the super-powered alien – Superman.

It's been revealed that he'll wear an armoured Batsuit which has Kryptonite all over it.

A Batman-News source apparently spoke to Ben Affleck's trainer Rehan Jalali who revealed that there will be two Batsuits in the movie. One will be a "traditional" version while the other is an "armoured" Batsuit, similar to the one featured in The Dark Knight Returns comics. It has Kryptonite on it and is able to fire missiles.

Jalali reportedly also revealed that there will be two Batmobiles in the film. Earlier rumours suggested that the Batmobile in BvS is capable of flying. Maybe that's the one the Bat uses when he's fighting/ collaborating with Superman in the film.

Another interesting piece of detail shared was about a particular scene in the film, where Bruce Wayne is shown overlooking a "destroyed city". That could be Metropolis which was pretty much in ruins by the end of Man of Steel.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for release in theatres on March 25, 2016.