Internet giant Google seems to have updated its popular Search feature, to allow users to set reminders for various high priority tasks. With the new feature, users should be able to set reminders directly from within Google Search, instead of having to launch calendar application or navigating to other note-taking apps.

Under the new functionality, reminders can be set by just entering 'add reminder' into the Google search box, post which a new Window opens up beneath that allows users to enter values such as date/time of the reminder.

Another option called 'Remind me on Google Now' makes note of the reminders set via Google search, and notifies users about the task they have to undertake on a particular day/time (set in reminder).

Users can also make use of the 'Create reminder' (in addition to 'add reminder'), to dynamically create Google Now reminders (from within Google search).

"You can also enter specific queries like: add reminder to buy milk tomorrow or create reminder to buy sandwich when I am in Chicago. Just click 'remind me on Google Now', states a post on the Google Operating System blog.

Essentially, people should be able to make use of the latest dynamic Google Now reminder feature for almost all day-to-day activities.

However, this functionality does not seem to have rolled out globally as yet.

Users can check for the same, and notify us about the availability of Google's latest feature, in their particular geographical region.

Google Now reminders created from Google searches, work on Android, Chrome for desktop and the iOS (via Google Search app) operating platforms.