Missing Malaysian airlines flight and terror strike probe
Malaysia's police chief, Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar dares Malaysian Isis militant Mohd Rafi Udin to return to Malaysia. Reuters

An Islamic State propaganda video has been released specifically targeting the Malaysian police headquarters at Bukit Aman but police chief Khalid Abu Bakar seems rather unfazed. "This is not the first video of its kind," Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said.

"But I would like to say that PDRM [the Royal Malaysia Police] will never let IS set foot or spread their ideology here. We are not shaken by threats like these made by IS," he told a news conference on Friday 24 June, Channel News Asia reports.

However, he did not rule out the possibility of attempted attacks within the next six months. "Well, it is possible. In fact, just yesterday, there was an attack in Frankfurt. So yes, they will try to take any opportunity they have to launch an attack on anyone."

He continued: "So I ask everyone to strengthen security measures, especially in public areas, so that awareness about the IS threat is always in Malaysians' minds."

Khalid also denied a local news report that Malaysia has been placed on high terror alert. He said the threat level must be "at the level where we must be alert all the time."

New Straits Time reported that a video released on 21 June showed a Malaysian man, identified as Mohd Rafi Udi from Negri Sembilan, threatening the Malaysian police. The graphic video, according to the newspaper showed Rafi as well as two other Isis militants decapitating three captives.

In the video, Rafi urged Isis supporters to use whatever means necessary to kill non-Muslim believers. The Malaysian also warned the Malaysian police: "Those of you in Bukit Aman, you will no longer have peace. We will slaughter you ... when we return. Our friends back home will hunt you down."

In response, the police chief said: "He [Rafi] only dared to threaten the police because he is far away. Why don't you come back?"

Malaysia has used tough laws to curb terrorism in the country. It has arrested and charged dozens of suspected terrorists with links to Isis over the past two years. Most of them were alleged to have plotted attacks in the country or planned to join militant groups overseas.