Several New Jersey police officers could face criminal charges after a video emerged of them kicking and dragging an injured man who had caught fire following a high-speed car crash involving another suspect they were chasing.

Officials have expressed "serious concerns" over an eyewitness video which shows officers surrounding the innocent man with their guns drawn while he attempted put out the flames after escaping from his wrecked vehicle.

The video, obtained by Univision, shows at least one officer kicking the man while he rolled around on the floor, while others drag him by his feet onto the road.

The innocent man was involved in the crash after the suspect police were chasing through Jersey City for around six miles, 48-year-old Leo Pinkston, crashed his vehicle into a utility pole, sparking the huge blaze.

During an investigation into the incident, Hudson County police ruled that the man seen being kicked by the officers was not Pinkston.

Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said: "Our investigators have reviewed the video and we believe with certainty that this man is the bystander from West New York who suffered burns, not Leo Pinkston, the individual pursued by police.

"As I previously said, we will utilize all resources available to the Prosecutor's Office for a full and thorough investigation as we seek to bring this matter to a rightful conclusion."

The innocent driver, who has not been named, is currently in hospital in a critical but stable condition.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop also condemned the video as "unacceptable" adding in a tweet he will seek appropriate disciplinary action.

Jersey City spokesperson Jennifer Morrill told "We have serious concerns about the conduct of this pursuit, however, we are reserving judgment until the conclusion of the prosecutor's investigation."

Pinkston, who also suffered undisclosed injuries following the crash, has since been charged with eluding police and aggravated assault.