Apple users with compatible devices will be able to install the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS and watchOS on Monday. Yves Herman/Reuters

The latest iOS update, iOS 17, is estimated to be available at approximately 6 p.m. on Monday for iPhone users in Britain and comes ahead of the heavily anticipated launch of the iPhone 15 later in the week.

iOS 17 will be available for download as soon as it becomes available to iPhone users and those with automatic updates enabled on their device should witness the update on their iPhone without needing to do anything. Those keen to update to iOS 17 will need to make sure there is a necessary amount of storage on their device, with the newest operating system likely to be similar to iOS 16's size of nearly 3GB.

In terms of compatibility, users with devices from the iPhone XS onwards will be able to install iOS 17. Those who purchase the new iPhone 15 in any of its four models will have iOS 17 already installed into the device.

Among the iOS 17 features set to be available to users is much better autocorrection, which will allow users to type as they please and not have sworn words autocorrected. If a word is corrected not to the liking of a user, it can be reverted by the user simply tapping the underlined word.

iOS 17 users will now be able to text more conveniently as their device will learn to predict what they would like to type out due to a new on-device transformer model. This includes predicting fully completed sentences and suggesting common and preferred phrases of an iPhone user.

Also, users of the newest iOS update will be able to design their very own contact card with a chosen photo, text and colour, and that will be what users view when you call them. These contact cards will be able to be shared with other users through a new feature, NameDrop, where an iPhone user holds their device near to another to do so.

Another useful tool set to be available is the automatic transcribing of voicemail messages on the phone app, where users receiving a call will be able to see what an incoming call is about and who it is from. This should provide safety for iPhone users with iOS 17 as they will be able to avoid any dodgy calls.

However, this feature will only be available to users in the United States and Canada to begin with so others around the world will have to wait a little longer to access it.

Users wanting to connect with somebody on FaceTime will now be able to leave a video voicemail if the other person is not able to pick up. Also, video calls will be able to occur through the use of a television if there is an Apple TV box as well as an iPhone or iPad camera.

Emojis will be able to be shown during FaceTime calls by users simply gesturing an action with their hands. For example, emojis of hearts, thumbs up, thumbs down, confetti, balloons and fireworks will be demonstrated by making the necessary gestures.

A new safety feature, Check In, will let users share their whereabouts with those closest to them and when they reach home, their friends and family will be alerted. Also, if someone is delayed in getting somewhere, information such as current location and battery life can be shared so that the recipient is aware and can aid them more conveniently.

Another key feature to be available through iOS 17 will be the new StandBy mode, which will be accessed by placing the device in a landscape position whilst it is charging. This will allow users to view interactive screens that will include the basic widgets, photos from their library and various clocks displaying the time and date.

Furthermore, interactive widgets will be accessible from the lock or home screen so that users can allow functions to proceed without opening an app. This includes organising what music a user wants to play or operating the lights in a user's house just by utilising the interactive widgets.

In addition to rolling out iOS 17, Monday will also see Apple launch the newest upgrades of the iPad operating system with iPadOS 17 and the Apple Watch operating system with watchOS 10.

The iPadOS 17 will include a more interactive lock screen for iPad users, something first introduced on the iOS 16 update last year. Here, widgets can be added, animated wallpapers will be available and live events such as flight tracking will be shown if users need to view them.

Also, the Health App will now be accessible on iPad devices after previously only being available on iPhone devices. Compatible devices in accessing iPadOS 17 include tablets that are an iPad Pro 10.5-inch or iPad (sixth generation) and onwards.

The watchOS 10, which will be available to Apple Watch Series 4 users and beyond, will have access to some of the new iOS 17 features such as NameDrop and contact cards. The visuals on watchOS 10 will be much better as more information will be displayed and more animation and colour will be present.

Widgets will be more accessible through the latest watchOS upgrade as users will be able to navigate them directly from the watch face. There will be new animated and interactive watch faces for users to choose from including ones with the characters, Snoopy and Woodstock.