Apple logo is seen on the Apple store at The Marche Saint Germain in Paris
Apple claims top spot in various aspects including user satisfaction, service quality, and more. Reuters

Apple offers better user satisfaction and service quality compared to other leading companies, according to The Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023.

The recently revealed Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023 results comprises interesting stats and takeaways. It is no secret that the Indian smartphone market is filled with cutthroat competition.

So, top brands are struggling to offer products and services that can retain customers for longer. According to the India smartphone shipment market data shared by CounterPoint Research, India's smartphone shipments declined 3 per cent YoY in Q2 2023 (April-July).

The website claims this was the fourth consecutive declining quarter. Still, Apple is sparing no effort in going over and beyond to offer smartphones that earn popularity among users. According to the latest survey report, Apple has bagged the top spot in multiple attributes.

The folks at 91mobiles asked 15,000 respondents questions like how satisfied they are with their current smartphone brand and urged them to share details about their experience of visiting the service centres. Unsurprisingly, the Cupertino-based tech giant was the users' top pick in several aspects.

Apple surpasses other brands in user satisfaction

About 78 per cent of participants picked Apple as the top brand that offers swift performance. Behind Apple, iQOO was the top choice of the respondents last year as far as phone speed is concerned. Also, nearly 80 per cent of Apple users were very pleased with the camera capabilities of their iPhones.

Likewise, 71.4 per cent of iPhone users said they are happy with the front (selfie) camera output. It is also worth noting that 76.7 per cent of Apple users are satisfied with the screens of their iPhones. As far as the software department is concerned, 80 per cent of iPhone users say they enjoy iOS and its features.

Despite not pricing its devices as aggressively as other brands, Apple comes on top of the most value-for-money (VFM) brand, according to the 91mobiles' smartphone survey. Motorola and iQOO are on the list as well.

However, only around 50 per cent of Apple users say they are happy with their iPhone's battery output. Still, a whopping 70.1 per cent of respondents say they are satisfied with their handsets when combining all the aspects.

Apple delivers superior service quality

According to the survey results, 5 in 10 people have taken their smartphones to a service centre either to solve an alarming issue or to get it fixed. About 41 per cent of iPhone users say they are satisfied with the service quality offered by the Cupertino-based tech giant.

For comparison, Nothing gained the second spot, while iQOO bagged the third place in the list. Only 35.8 per cent and 31.5 per cent of users of Nothing and iQOO smartphones, respectively, seem to be satisfied with the service quality provided by these brands. Still, these numbers are considerably lower than that of Apple.

Apple has the most loyal user base

Despite Apple's shares falling on reports of China iPhone restrictions last month, the company has managed to retain its loyal fan base. In fact, 59.1 per cent of iPhone users claim that they are planning to get their hands on a newer iPhone when the right time comes.

Apple has a reputation for offering satisfactory smartphones that boast top-notch displays, camera setup, software and more. Regrettably, the number of consumers willing to purchase an iPhone to replace other brands has reduced from last year by around 20.5 per cent.

The final survey report shows Apple has managed to deliver on several fronts. Moreover, the brand continues to offer commendable products that please consumers. Aside from this, Apple offers an excellent aftersales service to gain the trust of users and make them loyal to the brand.

To those unaware, Apple is prepping to host its Wonderlust event on September 12 to unveil a slew of exciting new products including the iPhone 15 series. On the downside, the company is expected to discontinue the iPhone 13 mini after the impending event.