Sony PS5 getting a major UI overhaul
On the other hand, Microsoft hopes to present an optimised version of the existing Xbox One dashboard when the Xbox Series X launches later this year. Photo: Sony

Gamers are already looking forward to the release of next-gen consoles such as the PS6 and its still-unnamed Xbox counterpart. Before that happens, however, console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft are more likely to launch upgraded versions of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In fact, this might already happen by next year according to a prediction made by a Chinese TV manufacturer. Tech giant TCL Technology expects the PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series X to be launched in either2023 or 2024, reported.

TCL Technology, which is known for its affordable TVs, made this prediction during a news conference, according to GamesRadar. The electronics manufacturer added that the new consoles would likely feature high-tech improvements such as enhanced GPU, native 8K support and 120Hz capabilities, and 2160p resolution.

Players can look forward to a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience thanks to these tech improvements. For instance, native 8K gaming would result in sharper visuals, while 120Hz would mean less blurring during fast-moving gameplay.

Actually, rumors that a PS5 Pro could debut next year have been around for some time. One rumor from September 2021 said that the console would debut in 2023 and that Microsoft was also working on an updated version for the Xbox Series X.

Another complete report was released a few months later, in March of this year, and it stated that the PS5 Pro would be released by 2023. The upcoming console will reportedly double the performance of the current PS5. This report, however, did not mention an Xbox Series X console redesign, but that doesn't mean it isn't taking place.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles were launched at the end of 2020. Both consoles have been difficult to find despite being on the market for 18 months with global chip shortages being blamed for the supply issues of the gaming hardware. The PS5 is still in short supply at most outlets, while the situation is improving for the Xbox Series X.