A New York subway train has derailed in the borough of Queens leaving passengers scrambling underground to get to safety.

The Manhattan-bound train derailed at 10.40am (3.40pm GMT) in Queens with passengers forced to find an exit out of the tunnel through a drain in a nearby road.

New York firefighters were called to the incident, at Woodside, amid reports of heavy smoke, and the department has so far hauled passengers including a child and her mother from the wreckage.

The train derailed was on the express track and came off the tracks near a shop, reports NBC New York.

According to reports, no one has been seriously hurt in the crash but some passengers have sustained minor injuries.

CBS 2 reports that a safety train has been sent to the scene to pick up passengers who are still stuck underground.

NBC New York

It is not yet known how many wheels derailed during the accident and authorities have informed New York commuters to expect delays on the city's other lines.