A woman named Carol Hover has been trying to unravel the mystery behind the decades-old letters she has been receiving at her house in New York.

Hover first received a letter dated August 30, 1960 in early April this year. The most shocking discovery for the woman was the fact that it was written by her late mother who was on her honeymoon then. The woman has been trying to figure out how a letter written in 1960 managed to reach the address in 2022.

"The first thing I noticed was my mother's handwriting. She passed away back in 2014. I found that it was postmarked from Canada in August of 1960. So, they would have been on their honeymoon," she said, according to a report in The Independent.

She went to the post office to figure out who sent the letters but little did she know that she was in for a surprise. The post office officials said that they had more letters from her parents.

"They said, 'Oh you had a substitute delivery person. We are sorry. Do you know Jim and Peg, the people that sent it?' I'm like those were my parents. She goes, 'Oh my gosh! We have two more in the back,'" Hover added.

It was not just Hover who has been receiving these old letters. Her cousin Karen Kohnke also received a letter at her former family home in Minnesota. She says that no one has any idea how these are making their way to these addresses after decades.

Kohnke, in a Facebook post, added that one postcard was from France written in the 1970s, one was from England (1970s) and one from New York City ('60s). She even asked if anybody else received similar postcards.

Regardless of the reason, Hover maintains that she is really enjoying it and added: "It was just really nice to see my mother's handwriting on a recent piece of mail, or my father's [handwriting]. That was nice. So, whether it gets explained or not, I am okay with that."

Representative Image. AFP / Anthony WALLACE