St James' Park
The graffiti continues as fans voice their anger at Newcastle owner Mike Ashley.

Newcastle's ground has once again been targeted by graffiti, with fans continuing to voice their displeasure at the north eastern side's home being dubbed 'Sports Direct Arena' by owner Mike Ashley.

Ashley announced the name change in November last year, claiming that it was a temporary measure to 'showcase' the possibility of a company providing sponsorship.

The move angered Newcastle fans, though managing director Derek Llambias insisted that the amount of money that could come in from the move made it worth it in the long run.

"Stadium rebranding offers a lucrative way for clubs to secure significant additional income," he said at the time.

Controversy surrounding the name had looked to have died down, with many journalists still referring to the ground as St James' Park, but after Ashley had the sign taken down from the front of the stadium last week, fans were once again fuming over the retail entrepreneur's commercial decision.

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Just days after the sign was removed, Newcastle fan Michael Atkinson admitted to graffiti-ing "St James'" where the sign used to be, before being caught by the police and charged with criminal damage. The 29 year old told reporters: "I couldn't believe that they were doing it in broad daylight. It's such an iconic name, and Ashley is just out to promote his own business.

"People on Facebook were saying someone should go and put a new sign on the stadium once it had been taken down and I thought why not.

"I'd had eight cans of Fosters, so I decided I was going to make a stand and speak for all Newcastle fans."

And now, fan blog have published an image of yet another graffiti sign sprawled across the walls at the ground, as fans continue to show Ashley their discontent.

While the writing appears to be slightly further along the wall from where the old sign was and where Atkinson was caught, the entire contents of the old sign has been sprawled across the wall, in a showing of rebellion against Ashley that is sure to continue.