Nick Clegg (left) and Russell Brand share drugs wish in common, said deputy Prime Minister
Nick Clegg (left) and Russell Brand share drugs wish in common, said deputy Prime Minister Getty

Nick Clegg has revealed he agrees with Russell Brand's views on changing the laws on possession of drugs.

Brand is one of many celebrities to demand a shift in drug legislation so that possession is no longer a crime in the UK.

Deputy Prime Minister Clegg spoke out in support of Brand, who has made the reform of drug ciminalisation law a cause célébre, as well as campaigning against high rents for low earners in London, and bringing down the planet's corporatocracy.

Clegg told listeners: "One thing Russell Brand's verve and zaniness does a lot of good is drug reform. I think the policy has not done a lot of good for a long period of time."

Legal sanctions for the possession of drugs in the UK has led to the "unnecessary criminalisation" of more than 1.5 million people in the last 15 years, according to a letter signed by Brand and others, which was presented to David Cameron.

While there may be some common ground between Brand's and Clegg's views on drug decriminalisation, it should be noted that the comedian blasted Clegg and the Liberal Democrats for failing young people over tuition fees.

Clegg also took the opportunity to defend the government's Autumn Statement, insisting he was not "sheepish" or "ashamed" of it.

The deputy PM was accused of trying to distance himself from his Tory Coalition colleagues by shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, after failing to show up in parliament when Chancellor George Osborne delivered it.

Clegg insisted he had better things to do. "The reason I wasn't there is that I had a choice: did I listen to Ed Balls in the House of Commons, or do I go out and talk to normal people. I met a bunch of apprentices in Cornwall. Politics is far too trapped by Ed Balls spluttering his nonsense.

"I don't deny I'm a co-author of the autumn statement; we are days away from announcing the two millionth new apprentice under this government. If Ed Balls thinks I'm sheepish or ashamed of what we've done: I am proud of it and take ownership of it."