Russell Brand/Reuters
Russell Brand has confirmed that he is single again Reuters

British comedian Russell Brand has declared that he wishes he was bisexual following his recent split from socialite Jemima Khan.

The 39-year-old made the candid statement during a radio interview with Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd, admitted that he is a "tedious" heterosexual and wished he was also attracted to men.

"I'm single. Well, you've got to go into relationships with the right attitude. All relationships, I'm always positive about them," he said.

"I wish I was bisexual. That's one of the things about me where I've got a very traditional moral code. I'm tedious with my heterosexuality."

Brand dated Khan for over a year and she is reportedly said to have called him the "best sex of her life".

His revelations come months after he admitted to performing a gay sex act as part of his documentary about social taboos.

The entertainer, who was previously married to pop star Katy Perry, said he had a sexual experience wtih a man in a London pub as he was keen to explore the boundaries of his heterosexuality.

"I thought, 'I think of myself as heterosexual but perhaps that's 'cause of the environment that I grew up in where homosexuality may have been difficult for me to express,'" he told fans in a podcast he posted online.

Meanwhile, Brand has also denied rumours that he is interested in succeeding Boris Johnson as the Mayor of London. He said: "We've already got a comic in the job. If you want a daft comedian running London, just leave things as they are. What I'm interested in is real change."