Police in Nigeria are on the hunt for the mother of newborn twins who were dumped in a canal in Lagos.

According to reports, the babies, who had died, were spotted by passersby in the filthy rubbish-filled waterway

Locals claimed that the children were dumped by an unidentified woman just days after they were born.

In a disturbing video posted online, the naked bodies of the twins can be seen floating among the debris. Shocked locals can be seen gathered round the scene of the crime to trying to make sense of it.

The clip, which has gone viral since it first emerged on the internet, has stirred up a huge response from the online community.

"This is just wicked and abnormal. Why would a mother choose to throw away her twin babies in the carnal," one commentator said.

Another wrote: "Seriously?! so many spectators and yet no one thinks it necessary to retrieve the dead babies and bury them. my people are stupid."

Police are investigating.