Nintendo has confirmed that a "bittering agent" will be added to game cartridges for its new console Nintendo Switch in an effort to prevent youngsters from chewing on and attempting to eat them, which presents a choking hazard.

The confirmation comes after members of the press (somehow, we dare not ask) discovered the foul taste and the discovery swept over social media. IBTimes UK has also tasted the carts (Zelda and Just Dance if you're interested) and can confirm the taste is utterly revolting.

It's safe to say any child who does attempt to nibble on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or any other Switch game, won't be doing so again in a hurry.

"A bittering agent (Denatonium Benzoate) has also been applied to the game card," a Nintendo spokesperson told Polygon. The non-toxic compound replicates the most bitter taste known to man, so it's certainly pretty off-putting.

The spokesperson went on to repeat the obligatory advice that Nintendo recommends users keep Switch games out of the reach of children "to avoid the possibility of accidental ingestion".

Nintendo is famed for being understandably protective of the younger members of its audience. Over the years this has encumbered its online service, with its soon-to-be ditched friend code system, but this is a clever and undoubtedly effective strategy.

Let's just hope any child who encounters the taste isn't also put off playing video games for life.

Nintendo Switch users cartridges rather than discs because it's both a home and handheld console, and said carts are surprisingly small. They're sizeable in terms of storage but in terms of size they're smaller than any previous Nintendo cartridge, such as those for the 3DS and DS consoles.

They're certainly swallowable, but that's a test too far for us.

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