Madonna had a lucky escape at the 2015 Brit Awards on 25 February.

The singer fell down some stairs after a dancer attempted to remove a cape that she was wearing at the start of her performance.

She later wrote on her Instagram account: "Nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up," as well as thanking her fans for the good wishes.

Entertainment reporter Kevin Hughes described the moment as terrifying.

"The ironic thing about this night was that everyone was just ridiculously excited about seeing the queen of pop about seeing Madonna. I mean I couldn't wait to see her performance. We waited for twenty years to see her at the Brits. Madonna knows how to make headline.

"She normally generates press like there's no tomorrow. She controls the media but tonight after one incredible unfortunate and potentially dangerous slip on stage that looked truly terrifying and was one of the most shocking things I have ever seen at a live tv show, I mean truly shocking, hopefully she will look back at this moment and realise that everyone is still talking about Madonna.

"I just hope she's ok and she makes a recovery because for me she is still an incredible artist," Hughes said.

Some attendees said they were at first confused and initially wondered if the fall could have been part of the singer's on stage choreography.

"It was, at first I didn't know if it was part of the show or not but then obviously I realised no that was obviously a mistake it was just really funny, really funny," James Watts said.

"Hysterical. Really funny, needed a bit of lightening up I wasn't sure if she was singing live or not frankly. Clearly not unless she's astonishingly talented at singing on her back so fantastic. Made the night," Alan Crowther, another guest added.

Madonna's tumble has meanwhile made headlines around the web and sent Twitter in to a storm, many saying Madonna should have listened to Edna from the movie The Incredibles, when she said, "No capes!"

"It's gone viral on the internet," said audience member Peter Doherty. "However, we didn't even notice. The acts...we were front stage level 1. Because the acts were very interact, people getting involved enjoying, we didn't notice. We thought it was part of the act. People are making too much of a big deal over it," he said.

"I was filming it so I was half looking at my phone and half looking at the big screen and then I put it down on her and all of a sudden I looked up at the big screen and all I could see was legs and I was like that is not what we saw in dress rehearsal. But they covered it up so well," said Kiani Camp, who said she was impressed how Madonna handled the situation.

"She got back up straight away. Carried on her routine smiling and you know that must have really hurt."