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North Korea news agency in fresh bellicose rhetoric against United States Reuters

North Korea has delivered another condemnation full of contempt for US President Barack Obama by branding his speeches the "poor shriek of those facing ruin."

After last year comparing the world's most powerful man to "a monkey" and calling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "a funny lady," the regime has now said the United States is like the Roman Empire - doomed.

The Hermit Kingdom's press agency was responding to speeches by Obama earlier this month, in which he told young Americans: "This is the best time in history to be alive."

Not according to the regime's media - and North Koreans should know, given that they live in conditions of near-poverty under a government accused by some of being the world's worst human rights abuser.

Turning up the bellicose rhetoric, the North Korean press agency said Obama's recent speech, "reminds one of the old Roman Empire that was buried in history after facing a ruin for coveting for prosperity through aggression and wars.

"The poor fate of the US reminiscent of the ruin of the Roman Empire is a due outcome of its history of aggression and arbitrary practices," the article continued.

The attack also wandered into conspiracy theory territory by mentioning "new world order", which is a term web cranks use for describing a shadowy plot they suspect governments of concocting.

"The US is now thrown into confusion as its uni-polar domination system called world order is getting out of control. Its military muscle and dollar's position that have propped Washington's moves for world domination are now sinking rapidly.

"The US has now the hardest time in its history".

North Korean propaganda rarely fails to entertain with its doomsday predictions for societies which do not follow its Stalinist model. It seems the machine continues to run smoothly, while little else there does.