North Korean woman Myungseo who has been residing in Croydon, London, claims that her neighbour has been harassing her since last year. The neighbour's behaviour towards her turned foul after a dispute over rubbish bins. Following multiple clashes with the woman, the mother-of-two took to social media to find assistance. Even though the police had been called after the neighbour and Myungseo got into a physical confrontation, the clashes continue to take place.

Having moved to the property in November 2019, the asylum seeker claims that she was confused about the rubbish collection. She and her neighbour had agreed to share bins initially. However, on one occasion she recalled moving the bins to prevent leaves from falling into them and rotting. This triggered the neighbour to verbally and physically abuse her.

Myungseo claims that when the neighbour found the bins moved, she yelled at her, threw the bins at a parked car and pushed her down. Following the first instance of harassment, the scared woman did not report the incident. She says that her not being able to speak English well prevented her from calling the police.

From the row over the bins, the neighbour kept harassing Myungseo's family. The neighbour supposedly threw a brick at the family's door. On multiple occasions, she threw trash at the family. She even dumped leftover Christmas decorations at the family's doorstep.

The police got involved when a fight between the two women erupted in May this year. Myungseo alleges that the other woman had pulled her hair and punched her in the face. to defend herself, she had twisted the attacker's arm. When the police turned up, they told Myungseo that she had no proof against the neighbour.

Myungseo eventually installed closed-circuit television cameras to capture the abuse. The neighbour reportedly tore the wires, rendering the cameras useless.

However, the victim of continued abuse was able to capture the neighbour attacking her and tossing bins on to the street. She posted two videos of the attack on Facebook and appealed for help. She wrote that she was alone in the United Kingdom with the two children and had no one to support her.

Following the public post, a police spokesperson told the Daily Mail that there were two reports of an incident at Bensham Lane, Croydon on May 29. They said that the two parties involved accused each other of assault. No arrests were made as both parties agreed to resolve the issue. It is unclear if the assault allegations are being investigated.

Woman claims her neighbour continues to harass her family and physically assault her. (representational image) iStock