North Korean Dictator Kim-Jong Un war south korea 2015
North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un reportedly told the country's military chiefs to prepare for war against the South in 2015 Reuters

Kim Jong-un has told North Korea's military chiefs to prepare for war against the South in 2015, a Seoul-based newspaper has claimed.

According to a source cited by the Chosun Ilbo - South Korea's largest daily newspaper - the dictator of the secretive Asian nation vowed to invade the South and ordered the army to increase strategic supplies and remain combat-ready.

"Armed confrontation could take place on the Korean peninsula in 2015," the source said.

"Since he came to power in late 2011, Kim Jong-un has often said his aim is reunification 'through force' and that he would personally drive a tank and advance into Seoul," the source added.

The Chosun Ilbo is usually well-informed on intelligence gathered by Seoul but reports are difficult to confirm and often exaggerated by South Korean sensationalism and scare-mongering.

The report came as Pyongyang test-fired two medium-range ballistic missiles in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The Rodong missiles flew about 650km (400 miles) off North Korea's east coast hours after the US, South Korea and Japan held a three-way summit in the Netherlands focused on Pyongyang's security threat.

The launch was confirmed by South Korea's defence ministry and the US state department which described it as "a troubling and provocative escalation".

"We urge North Korea to exercise restraint and refrain from further threatening actions," said a spokesperson for the state department.