North Korea Kim
The rumoured defection would displease the country's leadership KCNA/AFP/Getty Images

A North Korean diplomat has reportedly left the country's embassy in London and defected to another country. The diplomat, who has not been named, reportedly lived in London for 10 years and left his post in the west London embassy earlier in the month, an anonymous source reportedly told South Korean media.

"A DPRK diplomat in London is going through procedures to seek asylum in a third country," South Korean paper JoongAng Daily reported.

"The DPRK Embassy made belated attempts to figure out the diplomat's whereabouts, but has failed."

A source reportedly said the diplomat had sought asylum in a third country, telling the paper: "The North Korean Embassy in Britain tried to find him, but it is said that it has failed."

A spokesperson from the UK Foreign Office told IBTimes UK that it was not prepared to comment on the allegations.

It is not clear who the rumoured diplomat is, but several high-profile North Koreans have re-located to other countries for asylum, including supreme leader Kim Jong-un's aunt, who is believed to be living in the US.

The situation, if indeed a defection, would be particularly embarrassing for North Korea, as one of the many jobs of its diplomats in London is to keep tabs on those people who have defected and are living in the UK.