North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's extravagant taste in wine, coffee and even US spirits has been revealed in new import figures.

The dictator is known to have a penchant for European cheeses, fine wines, and spirits but it has also been revealed in new data that he spent £33,000 ($41,395) on spirits from his sworn enemy - the United States - last year.

Repeated missile launches in the face of combined US/South Korean military drills and further sanctions imposed in 2016 have left diplomatic relations between Pyongyang and Washington at an all-time low.

But despite the animosity, figures from Trademap, an organisation which logs global imports and exports, reveals that Kim ordered alcohol for the first time in four years from the US last year.

It would be destined for the top echelons of Kim's Workers' Party of Korea at a time when the UN estimates that more than 2.8 million of his subjects struggle to get enough food each day.

In March 2016 Kim warned North Koreans that a famine was on the horizon and that they had to be prepared "to chew on the roots of plants" as tonnes of food aid requested from the international community was stalling.

The Trademap data adds that Kim spent £127,000 on German alcohol and £107,000 on spirits from Denmark.

Last year Kim was alleged to have accused senior generals of treason and made them write confessions all night after he got drunk at his holiday villa - but he forgot about it in the morning.

In 2014 it was reported that Kim piled on the pounds by gorging on Swiss cheese which he had grown to love whilst studying in the country in the late 1990s.

According to the figures reported by the Mirror the 33-year-old imported £74,000 worth of German wines, £48,000 in Italian cheeses and Brazilian coffee to the tune of £715,000.