Seniors are turning to dating apps in increasing numbers to find love and sexual relationships. One of the most popular is dubbed "Tinder for fifty and overs". Stitch, is aimed at providing intimate relationships for older people, rather than short-term hookups.

"At first I was really offended [about the association with Tinder], but then I realised that a lot of our users have found us by Googling 'Tinder for seniors' because they know their kids are on it and they're wondering if there's something for them," said Marcie Rogo co-founder of Stitch, in an interview with CNBC.

Sexual relationships for the elderly, including the LGBT community is being actively encouraged at some nursing homes, who are keen to dispel myths that OAPs lose sexual desire in later years. "Intimacy is not something that goes away," said Daniel Reingold, president of RiverSpring Health, which owns Hebrew Home. "Love is ageless."

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale actively encourages romantic relationships with a dating service called G-Date (short for Grandparent Date) and also Senior Prom. Staff at Hebrew Home have been instructed not to hinder in the activities of their residents such as staying the night in each other's rooms or having romantic assignations.

At the Rockville care facility, almost 40 of those living there are in a romantic relationship. Denying older people loving and intimate relationships can bring about emotions of anger, agression and alienation, said Doreen Delgado, a lecturer at California State University. "Human touch is essential for human life, no matter how old," she said.

"I think we have to redefine what sexuality is in the nursing home," Delgado told The Forward Association.

Walter Bortz, author of several studies on seniors' sexuality said: "Use it or lose it." A Duke University study showed that around 20% of people over 65 have sex lives that improved over the years.

"There's strong data all over: It's a matter of survival," Dr Bortz said. "People that have sex live longer."