While the rest of us are having to contend with what a Donald Trump presidency will look like, Barack Obama has been spotted on holiday with Richard Branson.

Known for his cool demeanour, the former president was seen dressed all in black, sporting shades, flip-flops and a cap on backwards.

He and his wife Michelle Obama have traded eight years of the White House for the white sands of Necker Island – Branson's private island in the British Virgin Islands.

Branson bought the island in 1978 for £120,000 ($152,085) and has since turned it into his own multi-million pound exclusive getaway for the rich and famous.

It has previously hosted Desmond Tutu, former President Jimmy Carter and Princess Diana.

In 2011, the island was struck by a hurricane, which caused a devastating fire and ripped down Necker Island's properties.

Kate Winslet was staying at the island at the time and was labelled as a hero for rescuing Branson's 90-year-old mother from the flames, but it later emerged that it was in fact Branson himself who rescued her.

The island was then rebuilt for an undisclosed amount and now costs guests a staggering £37,500 per night.

As Obama strolled along the island, he could be seen waving to passers by, who caught the moment on video.

Despite his departure from the political scene since Trump's inauguration, Obama has not remained silent – particularly on the new president's travel ban affecting seven Muslim-majority countries.

Just 10 days after leaving office, Obama issued a statement congratulating protesters who were the "guardians" of American democracy at a time when "American values are at stake".

Obama's on vacation with the hat backwards. He's never coming back. pic.twitter.com/RUakcwwgtT

— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) February 1, 2017

I am not an undercover cop pic.twitter.com/VBXBtVETHT

— Trill Withers (@TylerIAm) February 1, 2017

Obama really in the BVI in flip flops just chillin pic.twitter.com/k1zb1Z3bQ2

— Amat Victoria Curamॐ (@BR_Nation) February 1, 2017