A former bar manager at the House of Lords has claimed that around 30 MPs badgered her for sex, with one allegedly following her home and groping her.

Alice Bailey worked at the Sports and Social Bar for around four years from the age of 19 and has revealed some of the behaviour that parliamentarians exhibited on a regular basis.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained how many of the MPs were "obnoxious old pervs" and that many would spend all day at the bar.

Bailey, now 25, said: "They fancied their chances because I was just a young barmaid and in their minds they were very important people who presumed I would be available.

"They were such creeps. It was pathetic as they were nearly all married and at least twice my age."

She claimed that just hours into her very first shift at the bar, one MP begged her for sex. On another occasion, a veteran Labour MP followed her home.

Bailey alleged that the MP started drinking at lunchtime and had 12 pints before inviting her home.

He is then reported to have followed her onto the bus and "aggressively" grabbed her thigh, "I just screamed 'f*** off'."

It is the latest in a series of allegations to come from Westminster.

In the wake of the Harvery Weinstein sex scandal, accusations of harassment have been targeted at several politicians and officials in UK politics in recent weeks.

Sir Michael Fallon resigned on the 1 November after saying that his conduct had "fallen short" of the required standards after allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour.