"I'm not lost. I was left here for you!" A Redditor made a heartwarming discovery on his way to work in Indianapolis on 7 December.

He found about 20 scarves tied against trees and telephone poles on Meridian Street, by the University Park.

The user, known as PaulRPP, tells IBTimesUK that homeless people often take shelter in the park: "Frequently, when you walk through the park, you will see a homeless person or two sleeping on a bench."

PaulRPP uploaded the picture to Reddit. One can see a colourful homemade scarf tied to a wooden pole, accompanied by a small card that reads: "I'm not "lost." I was left here FOR YOU! Enjoy your warmth and hugs from this old lady's creation!"

After uploading, PaulRPP pointed at that 7 December was the coldest day on the fall for Indianapolis this year.
The identity of the "old lady" is still unknown – although there is some speculation – but redditors loved it anyway.

The post was shared only 16 hours ago, but already reached 17,569 points on the platform, and made it to its homepage. The uploader himself couldn't believe how popular the post had grown: "I can't believe this made the front page (even if just for a moment)! Thanks to all the Hoosiers who took an interest," he wrote, editing his initial post.

"Indianapolis is a wonderful city and its people like the old lady who made this scarf who make it great."

Inspired by PaulRPP's account of the lady's attention, other redditors shared kind initiatives happening in their cities during Winter.

JaySavvy writes that in Rapid City, South Dakota, people "dress" the city's several status of US presidents in Winter clothing. "Citizens who need the winter clothes are allowed to just pull them from the presidents statues," they explain.

"Scarves, gloves, hats, jackets, blankets, shoes... everything. It's pretty neat." Another user replied to JaySavvy saying he had seen the statues and they looked "pretty warm."

Many other Hoosiers – residents of Indiana past and present – shared their love for Indianapolis and the people that live there.