Allegations of a new Islamist "Trojan Horse" plot to wrest control of a state school have been made by a headmistress in the north of England.

Trish O'Donnell, head of Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham since 2006, emailed the local council saying she had "very strong reasons to believe that… a 'Trojan Horse' agenda [is] being played out", The Sunday Times reported.

"Trojan Horse" refers to plots uncovered in 2014 in Birmingham schools in which Islamist groups attempted to infiltrate positions of authority and impose a conservative or Salifist ethos on their running.

O'Donnell's confidential email was leaked to The Sunday Times along with a report into Clarksfield compiled by Oldham council.

The report includes claims that O'Donnell had been subjected to death threats from parents, including one that her car would be blown up.

One parent/governor, Nasim Ashraf is Facebook friends with Tahir Alam, a key figure in the Birmingham Trojan Horse scandal. Ashraf's sister, Shasta Kahn, is currently serving an eight-year sentence for plotting to attack Jewish targets in Manchester, according to the Sunday Times.

There is no suggestion that Ashraf has threatened violence towards anyone but the council report claims that he had tried to "undermine the headteacher". He reportedly objected to Hindi music being played in class and lobbied against sex education.

Ashraf told the Sunday Times: "The school is still a failing school — we need to remove Mrs O'Donnell and replace her with a better head teacher."

However, Ofsted rated Clarksfield as "good" in its most recent inspection and praised O'Donnell's leadership.

Oldham council's report concludes that there is no evidence of a Trojan Horse plot at Clarksfield. Cabinet member Amanda Chadderton, said: "We take any allegations about our schools very seriously. The report into an Oldham primary school found no basis to the 'Trojan Horse' allegations."

However, the National Association of Head Teachers said it was "supporting a number of members in the Oldham area with a variety of apparent Trojan Horse issues".

The Sunday Times also quoted a "senior figure in counter-terrorism" as saying there was a "significant problem" of Islamist infiltration in Oldham schools.