House market

According to research, omens and superstitions can still sway the decisions of potential house owners. People, apparently, are suspicious of the number 13 and avoid owning a house with that number, according to a survey by

The poll revealed that the number is considered unlucky and often fetches a lower price than similar properties in its immediate neighborhood. In fact, they can often sell up to £6,500 less than the market rates.

In addition, people even refuse to conclude business deals on that day of the month. There is a drop of almost a third, in the registration of properties, on 13th of every month, compared to the monthly average. An analysis of data from the past 10 years shows that houses with number have sold 34 percent less units, compared to those numbered 1-12 and 14-30.

The fear surrounding the number is so high that most property developers actually shy away from numbering a house 13. A few councils in London, such as the Lewes District Council and the Herefordshire County Council have banned them altogether.

Most interestingly, what is perhaps London's most famous address - Downing Street - built by Sir George Downing, does not now have a number 13. The number was erased by a fire that occurred more than 100 years ago. The house was rebuilt but, eerily, once again succumbed to a fire. This time around, the number was changed to 12 and currently houses government offices.