Blockchain needs a rapid solution to onboard off-chain organisations and startups. Why? Well the network won't survive in a vortex. It needs interoperability en masse. We strongly maintain that all sectors will have opportunities to incorporate Blockchain into their business.

It has been estimated that more than 90% of startups will fail, many of which are due to entirely solvable issues. Growth, deep domain knowledge, business modelling, blockchain adoption and customer acquisition are some real problems in this rapidly evolving market.

Blocknubie has been formed to solve these problems. Over the last year, the word blockchain has dominated news headlines. Industry specialists, serial entrepreneurs, and innovative techies have not stopped chatting about cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the decentralized systems, known as blockchain, that they are built atop. With Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and immediate funding available to players, blockchain is alluring to the up-and-coming startups in the world right now. Despite speculation over a bubble building with the cryptocurrencies, there are a number of tangible, actionable use-cases for blockchain that will exponentially improve the startup ecosystem.

Similar to the days when the Internet was brand new, offering immeasurable SEO potential for the early adopters, startups have that same kind of access to blockchain right now. The blockchain world is extremely underdeveloped, and there are still many critical components of the budding ecosphere that need to be fortified and verified before it's available to the masses. Consequently, there are serious opportunities for startups that are willing to adopt blockchain technology and serve as early adopters in the Bitcoin networks. These startups will be able to build their blockchain community long before the space becomes too saturated to penetrate — which is definitely expected a few years from now

Most startups have to adopt antiquated infrastructure to get their system up and running today. By doing this, it drives off their cost to do business, as it takes time and relies on a pen-and-paper type of system. Most of their vital processes are manual, opening the floodgates for human error on a daily basis. With blockchain networks, startups can conduct and automate transactions with a guarantee. Best of all, they don't need to rely on third parties, like banks. Startups can also leverage the power of the blockchain to supplant the need for intermediary parties. This typical third-party structure is what bankrupts players in the health care, finance, and freight industries around the world today.

Cybersecurity is a growing point of concern for companies of any size today, as our digital and technological tools become more advanced. According to Gartner, more than $86.4 billion was spent on cybercrime in 2017 alone. On a global scale, it is predicted to cost $1 trillion of the next five years. Blockchain systems are soon to become a method for storing and organizing enterprise data in a way that keeps it safe and secure from aggressors. Relying on a digital ledger of transactions that can be programmed to record virtually everything of value, the automatic encryption makes it nearly impossible to hack into the transaction. Distributed systems cannot be manipulated by just one entity. They can only be changed by a majority consensus among the network, protecting against an onslaught of corruption.

Startups can get their hands on funding, directly from investors, without third party actors through ICOs right now. It's finally a solution that bypasses the intermediary actors determined to take a percentage of the startup's success. With blockchain, startups have a chance at total autonomy.

Right now is the time to seize the blockchain availability for startups, investing in the special access, data security, and digital seamlessness that come with it. Blocknubie is an emerging open source platform that acts as a bridge between off-chain organizations, startups and the blockchain ecosystem. The requirement to simplify and automate the startup process and facilitate on-boarding of traditional enterprises onto the blockchain is vital to the sustainability of the blockchain. Blocknubie' vision is to improve how all businesses interact within the blockchain network. We are sector and vertical agnostic which allows Blocknubie to truly bring together technology, startup innovation and enterprise to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technologies.

Blockchain technology has the ability to transform a plethora of sectors and industry that is moving at breakneck speed, there is comfort to be had with an open ecosystem that can fill in the gaps. For example, the regulatory condition in Europe is still uncertain, with Ireland and the UK being slow to lay down rules.

Governments around the world are trying to upskill themselves and put in place meaningful legislation that protects people without crushing opportunity. As a community, it is beholden on us to assist traditional bodies. We need to explain how this new industry works, explaining the opportunities as well as the potential issues. It is better we help our government make law rather than having regulations foisted from above without clarity.

Blocknubie is also the first ICO to join Pledge 1%, a tech-led philanthropic foundation aimed at incentivizing companies to pledge 1% of profits, time, product, or equity to charitable recipients. This fits in well with our worldview. We like to build, to help and give back.

Ultimately, business integration with blockchain technology has multiple benefits, and Blocknubie aims to make these benefits easily accessible to all. By providing a reliable support network and simplified onboarding service, Blocknubie will prove fertile ground for the growth and continued expansion of new and innovative enterprise models. Blocknubie's vision is to improve how all businesses interact within the blockchain network. Being sector and vertical agnostic allows Blocknubie to truly bring together technology, startup innovation and enterprise to allow for and accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technologies