While waiting for winds to pick up for their home journey near Byron Bay in Australia, Captain Dean Cropp was amazed to see huge whales when he dived into the sea to clean the propellers. A family of three humpback whales on their northbound migration, came dancing around the crew and passengers and was described by Cropp as a 'once in a lifetime' experience.

"There were yells from up on deck that a whale was close by, and not a minute or two later, one of the whales swam right under the boat," Cropp said.

"The smallest was the most inquisitive and came very close, rolling around and showing us their white belly and long pectoral fins. The three whales danced and swam around us, very in control of the encounter and very interested in checking us out."

After about 15 minutes, the whales left, continuing their northbound migration, while the boat, after two months at sea, headed south towards Sydney, Cropp said.

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