Once Upon A Time Season 4
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Once Upon A Time season 4 episode 3 revealed that the new Snow Queen is Elsa's Aunt, while Emma and Hook finally shared a long passionate kiss. It also came to light that Elsa and Emma had crossed paths with the Snow Queen in the past.

The third episode introduced everyone properly with the "dairy" Snow Queen and also posed an important question: How does she know Emma?

Spoilers for episode 3 below

During Sunday's episode, a powerful magic continued to lurk over Storybrooke. The residents of the town blamed Elsa (Georgina Haig) when Maid Marian (Christine Laing) suddenly turned to ice.

However, later in the episode, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) discovered that the real culprit worked at the local ice cream parlour, thanks to a timely tip by thief Will Scarlet (Michael Socha).

But Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Elsa found the source first and discovered the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) in the middle of the woods. The Snow Queen admitted that she was framing Elsa to prove her point -- "every normal person would eventually look at her as a monster".

Once Upon A Time Season 4
Elsa, Emma and Hook in Once upon a time ABC

Then she attempted to kill Hook to prove her point, but Emma and David arrived in time to save the day. The twist in the fairytale is, the Snow Queen actually knows both Emma and Elsa from their pasts, though both of them are unaware of that fact.

The Emma connection is kept a secret, but in the flashback scene it is shown that Elsa and Snow Queen crossed paths when Hans (Tyler Jacob Moore) tried to trap Elsa in magical urn. She promptly turned Hans into an ice sculpture and revealed that she is her aunt!

But can she really be trusted?

The episode ended on a sweet note. Emma and Hook finally rekindled their romance.

Emma was angry at Hook for putting himself in danger. She tells Hook, "Everyone I've ever been with is dead....I lost everyone. I can't lose you, too!" and they share a kiss!

Going by the promos for the next episode, Hook and Emma are finally going out on a proper date!

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Are Snow Queen and Emma related?

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