• Tens of thousands of migrant workers and supporters to stage national day of action on 20 February as part of 'One Day Without Us' campaign.
  • Events aiming to highlight the 'economic, cultural or social contribution of migrants' are taking place throughout the day at cities across the UK.
  • March towards parliament and 'Flag mob' to take place in London.
  • Day of action arrived after MPs voted against guaranteeing EU citizens can stay in UK post-Brexit.
  • Day will also see protests across country against Donald Trump's state visit to UK.

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Campaign group Hope not Hate released this short video which praises the contribution EU citizens have towards the UK ahead of today's nationwide events.

A statement on their website added:

A fortnight ago, after pressure from thousands of HOPE not hate supporters and others, the Government announcement that the status of EU citizens living in the UK will not change unless voted on by Parliament.

While this was an important concession, it is not enough.

Later this week we will be launching a campaign to pressure MPs to make a voluntary commitment that they won't ever vote for the forced removal of EU citizens.

But for now,please watch and share the video and together let's say thank you to the contribution EU citizens make to Britain.


Pics have started to come through of the rally in Parliament now:

one day without us
Similar protests are also taking place across the rest of the UK Getty
one day without us
Political artist Kaya Mar displays two paintings depicting Donald Trump and Theresa May Getty
one day without us
An EU flag blows in the wind during a 'Flag Mob' demonstration in Parliament Square Getty
one day without us
The day of action is in support of migrant workers and EU citizens in the UK Getty
one day without us
A protester holding a Holland football flag and wearing a hat with the flags of the Netherlands in demonstrates outside Parliament Getty
1daywithoutus the3million donald trump london
Protesters and migrant workers hold placards and flags as they demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament Jack Taylor/Getty Images
1daywithoutus the3million donald trump london
Protesters and migrant workers hold banners and flags as they demonstrate on Parliament Square Jack Taylor/Getty Images


A few more from the #1DayWithoutUs hashtag on Twitter showing people across the UK taking part in the day of action.


Just a reminder that as part of the anti-Trump demonstrations, there will be a rally at London's Parliament Square which will feature a host of performances and guest speakers.


The Labour Campaign for Human Rights (LCHR) have issued a string of comments from MPs such as Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner showing their support for the day. Actor Sir Patrick Stewart has also issued a statement via LCHR.

Stewart said:

Our cultural life is richer thanks to the contribution of EU nationals who have made a home in Britain for themselves and their families. Guaranteeing their right to stay is an essential act of decency

Patrick Stewart


Our Facebook Live video is now up.

We're live outside the Houses of Parliament as EU nationals demonstrate for residency rights 🇬🇧🇪🇺

Posted by International Business Times UK on Monday, February 20, 2017


Some famous and high-profile names have already shown their support for the One Day Without Us movement.


Soon we should be having a Facebook Live video of our reporter Ian Silvera at London's Victoria Tower Gardens, where European workers and their families holding up 'We are the 3.3million' placards as the day of action begins.


Members of the Unison union, who form part of the One Day Without Us coalition along with civil rights groups the3million and the New Europeans, will be among those who will lobby MPs to ensure EU workers will be guaranteed a right to remain in the UK post-Brexit.

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said:

"These millions of workers help keep the UK's public services and economy going, but they're being used as pawns by the government.

"We want Theresa May to end their uncertainty by making it clear now they have the right to stay."

The3million chief executive Nicolas Hatton added:

"EU citizens who came to the UK in good faith have lived through stress and anxiety since the referendum. The government has refused to grant them their rights of residence following Brexit.

"These are people, not bargaining chips, and they'll be using this lobby to tell their MPs they deserve to be treated with fairness and dignity."


A full itinerary of events taking place across the UK today can be seen on the One Day Without US website.

Here's a look at what is already happening as seen via the #1DayWithoutUs hashtag.


Ahead of the planned demonstrations, a spokesperson from the One Day Without Us campaign group issued a statement regarding what they hope to achieve and how the day came about.

It said:

We were – and we still are – an entirely grassroots campaign. We had – and still have – almost no resources. Despite this, we are now on the brink of something unprecedented and rather special – a national day of action in support of migrants in the UK.

On 20 February, men and women and young people of all ages across the country will take part in an event that is simultaneously a protest, a celebration, a festival of migration, and a platform for migrants to make their diverse voices heard. It's also an opportunity for British nationals to stand in solidarity alongside the men, women and children we have known as friends, neighbours, workmates, colleagues and students, and celebrate the fact that they are part of our society.

All this has been achieved almost entirely by volunteers, by migrants and their supporters across the country who have prepared for this campaign. Without them, One Day Without Us would have been nothing more than a passing conversation on social media.


The demonstrations will take place as thousand are expected to stage protests against Donald Trump's state visit to the UK as MPs hold a debate about it in Parliament.

The protests will against take place across the UK after nearly two million people signed a petition demanding Trump be blocked form making an official state visit as it would cause "embarrassment" for the Queen.

The petition garnered massive interest in the wake of Trump's controversial executive order banning refugees entering the US from seven mainly Muslim countries.

The protests have been organised by the Stop Trump coalition, made up of dozens of MPs, celebrities and campaigners such as Frankie Boyle, Ed Miliband and Owen Jones.

trump protest
Slogan reading 'Say no to Trump' is seen projected on the Houses of Parliament the evening before a parliamentary debate on Trump's state visit Getty


Hello and welcome to the IBTimes UK's live blog of the 20 February's One Day Without Us campaign.

Demonstrations across the UK are set to take place with the aim to highlight to key contribution the millions of migrant workers put towards to UK and its economy.

Among some of the main events including thousands of EU workers who are set to stage a march towards Parliament in protest at the government using the 3.3 million European workers as "bargaining chips" and make it clear that they have right to stay in the UK post-Brexit.

The march arrives after MPs rejected a Bill which would have guaranteed that all EU citizens currently living in the UK will be allowed to stay after Brexit by 332 by 290.

The main events are scheduled to begin at 1pm and we will give you updates throughout the day.