One Direction fans have taken to social media to express their fears for the safety of teen idols Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.

There are concerns that singers are in danger of being caught up in Cyclone Marcia in Queensland, Australia.

The band is on their On The Road Again Tour and Malik and Tomlinson are currently holidaying on Hamilton Island, north of the eye of the storm.

The category 5 Cyclone Marcia is heading towards the Queensland's coastline, prompting Australian Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to issue a warning that the next few hours will be "harrowing and terrifying."

Fans were alerted to the possible dangers ahead for their idols on the 'OTRA (On The Road Again) Tour Updates' site after a post stated: "Louis and Zayn are apparently on Hamilton island, and there is a cyclone heading that way..."

The post sparked panic amongst fans who expressed their concerns on social media.

A severe warning has been issued to hundreds of residents in the path of the cyclone, as winds of 300km per hour, are expected causing catastrophic damage in its wake.

Ms Palaszczuk warned local residents: "Please do not leave your homes this morning. Go to the strongest part of your house, which is usually the bathroom area. Take clothes and mattresses. Make sure your children are safe. Your safety now is paramount."

'Over the next few hours, many Queenslanders are going to go through a harrowing and terrifying experience. We will be standing by your side. This is a severe cyclone, I want everyone to take all the precautions.'

Meanwhile, One Direction finds can find comfort in a message posted on a One Direction fan site named 1Scoop which claimed that the band mates have left the island ahead of the storm.

"Helloo there's reports that Louis and Zayn aren't on Hamilton Island, apparently they left before the storm. As for everyone else, stay safe," said a post.

One Direction kicked off their Australian tour at the beginning of the month, performing in Sydney on February 7 and 8. They then performed in Queensland's capital city of Brisbane on February 11, before travelling south to Melbourne. On Tuesday the pop stars took to the stage in Adelaide, with their next performance scheduled in Perth on Friday night.