Four of the five British men who were arrested in Cambodia for "pornographic dancing" at a pool party have been deported.

The group were among 10 people arrested in January after photos were posted onto social media of them imitating sex acts at a party in Siem Reap.

The Brits – along with two Canadians and a man from New Zealand – were granted bail on the basis they did not organise the party and have now been allowed to leave the country, although the charges have not been dropped.

Court spokesman Yin Srang confirmed the suspects were handed back their passports and allowed to leave the country as part of the bail conditions.

The remaining three people – one Brit, one Dutch and one Norwegian – were not granted bail and remain in a Cambodian jail after being charged with producing pornographic pictures and material.

All 10 defendants deny the allegations against them, arguing the photos used to promote the pool party did not amount to pornography as they were not nude and only imitating sexual acts.

Dan Jones, one of the Brits arrested in the investigation, apologised for the "one mistake" he made after living in Cambodia for the past two years.

One of the Canadians allowed to leave, Eden Kazoleas, spoke to reporters after she landed in Toronto.

She told AFP: "I'm very happy to be home, I'm grateful to be in Canada, "I look forward to seeing my family and my parents, who have done absolutely everything they could to bring me home."

All 10 face up to a year in jail if found guilty of the charges. A lawyer for the group, Sourng Sophea, argued none of the defendants had committed a crime.

"I admit that they have done something wrong according to morality in Cambodian society but their crimes did not warrant them being charged or put in jail," Sophea said.

Cambodia arrest
Foreigners outside a courtroom in Siem Reap province following their arrest for 'singing and dancing pornographically'. CHAN RAKSMEY/AFP/Getty Images