A newly released video shows members of a group of 10 expats arrested in Cambodia over alleged pornographic dancing apologising for their "one mistake".

Five Britons were charged along with two Canadians, a Norwegian, a New Zealander and a person from the Netherlands after Cambodian police raided a villa in Siem Reap where organisers say part of a pub crawl was taking place.

Photos released by police appeared to show Westerners, some topless, simulating sexual positions on the floor. The 10 were charged with producing pornographic pictures which authorities said were put out on social media.

In the apology video, uploaded to the Cambodia Expats Online channel on YouTube, the men appear with freshly shaven heads. When asked if they know why they are in jail they say no.

One of the men, named by the Mail Online as Dan Jones, is heard saying that he has lived in Cambodia for two years, respects the culture and helps Cambodian children and families.

"I don't want to bring any problem with Cambodia," he says. "It was one mistake".

Then he apologises. Later in the video he refers to the "difference in culture". All of those in the film nod vigorously in agreement and say "yes" when asked if they want to go home.

A lawyer for the group, Sourng Sophea, said that they could face a year in jail if convicted but denied that they had committed a crime.

"I admit that they have done something wrong according to morality in Cambodian society but their crimes did not warrant them being charged or put in jail," Sophea said.

As the images did not show anything graphic, such as members of the group having sex or exposing themselves, they should not have been detained but deported, Sophea said.

Cambodia arrest
The group await their court hearing in Siem Reap province CHAN RAKSMEY/AFP/Getty Images