elebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and the creative team behind the annual Governors Ball, unveiled their lavish plans and creations on 18 February, for the official Oscars after party. Puck, who has created Oscar night menus for over two decades, said he knows exactly what to feed celebrities as they frequent his restaurants on a regular basis.

"We did this already for 22 years so we know what the people eat and also most of the movie stars and most of Hollywood come to our restaurants so we know what they like so we always make some traditional dishes, some comfort food and some more modern things," Puck explained.

Some of the delicacies that Hollywood A-listers will be filling their bellies with on 28 February include fresh lobster, Alaskan king crab and emerald rice from China. For those after something heartier, there will be chicken pot pie with black truffles and mac and cheese. On the big night itself, Puck said he hopes Leonardo DiCaprio and Sylvester Stallone walk away with golden statues.

"Well I think finally I hope this year Leo DiCaprio is gonna win for best actor and I think that will be good and I think Sly Stallone, I want him to win one more Oscar, I want him to win an Oscar because I think he worked for so many years and he did a great job in Creed," said Puck. The event's producer, Cheryl Cecchetto, said they paid homage to old Hollywood when coming up with the concept of this year's Governors Ball.

"It is classic, it is old Hollywood, you really want to make sure, you know, it is a long ride through wondering who is going to receive that Oscar, what am I going to wear? The hair, the make-up and...when you come in here it should be nothing but celebratory of the entire film industry, everyone should be celebrating. We understand excellence of film is decided in that theatre at the Oscars telecast. When they come in here everyone is celebrating, and that's the feeling," she said.

The 1,500 attending guests will also enjoy signature cocktails and specialty Champagne and wine crafted especially for Oscar night. Benoit Collard, the Global Executive Director of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, said the Champagne house had selected specific vintages for each part of the evening.

"During the ceremony, the intention is to get them ready for action, to get them ready for the Governors Ball as well so we will be pouring a champagne that is fresh, crisp, elegant and with a powerful notes of Pinot Noir. Over dinner we need the delicacy, we need the balance, we need the complexity that we find in older vintages, hence the 1998 and the 2002 rare," explained Collard.

The interior decor for the evening will feature caricatures of stars from the Hollywood golden age as well as the current nominees. The 88th Academy Awards are scheduled to take place on 28 February with the Governors Ball starting immediately after the show's conclusion.