Whoever says that the Academy Awards is all about the movies is lying. As we all know, the real magic of the night happens on the red carpet and the brutal eye of the public is on every ruffle, sheer panel or suit cut that the nominees are wearing.

Whilst the hard work of those being celebrated on the night should never be ignored, we cannot help but feast our sartorial eyes on the runway to red carpet wardrobe decisions. As with any awards night, while its great to see the likes of J Law and Cate Blanchett in their annual Dior and Givenchy outings, the real thrill is in the surprise.

While we count down the hours to the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday night we take a look back at the most memorable red carpet moments from Oscars past. From Angelina's thigh to Cher's everything on show, the red carpet has been home to some fantastic fashion choices.

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