Not many people might remember but earlier this year, a sex toy actually won a CES Innovation Award. Regrettably, this led to a controversy wherein the organisers revoked the honour, which ignited a gender bias debacle related to the tech industry. In May, the provocative award was reportedly reinstated, to the delight of many. After almost a year of working on product development and testing, the Osé is finally going up for pre-orders and tentatively shipping in early 2020.

According the creator Lora Haddock, it is a massager that is capable of providing something unique for the user. This product is for women who want to feel a new type of pleasure that no other sex toy in the market can offer. Engadget reports that the inventor of the Osé was a former Navy officer who after experiencing what she calls a "blended orgasm" went on a mission to craft a gadget that could replicate what she felt at that time.

She even abandoned her pre-med studies to focus on research regarding how women can find new ways to attain pleasure. She apparently felt that the traditional viewpoints about the matter are already outdated. After figuring out that there are currently no such devices capable of producing the sensations she was after, Haddock opted to make one instead. Her search apparently led her to Oregon State University where she met Dr. John Parmigiani, the school's associate professor of mechanical engineering.

After working on the project for an estimated nine months, the two came up with a prototype. What followed was her application to exhibit her new invention at the CES 2019 show floor. It eventually won the aforementioned award for the Robotics and Drone segment. Surprisingly, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – the group that facilitates CES – went back on their decision a month later. This turned into a media frenzy, which eventually pushed the officials to give it back in May.

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Now, people who are on the Lora DiCarlo mailing list can pre-order the Osé ahead of other consumers. Likewise on Sunday, December 22, the company will start to take orders from the public. The cutting-edge sex toy is priced at $290 and will ship in January, which is the month when CES 2020 opens its doors.

Osé sex toy goes up for pre-order
The controversial sex toy from CES 2019 is reportedly up for pre-order after its creator was given an award for innovation with the Osé. Photo: Lora DiCarlo