michelle keegan
Michelle Keegan in Our Girl BBC

Our Girl viewers were left a little disappointed by the second episode of the third series, voicing their opinion on social media over Corporal Georgie Lane's new romance and the show's quality.

In last night's (17 October) instalment of the BBC drama, Georgie− played by Michelle Keegan− finds romance with new character, Nepalese NGO worker Milan (Rudi Dhamralingham).

The pair kiss shortly before the return of her ex Elvis Hart, played by Luke Pasqualino, who is still in love with her – and fans of the show have a soft spot for him.

One fan tweeted: "excuse me georgie wtf, get back to elvis pls x #OurGirl".

Another said: "What is Georgie playing at with Milan when she has Elvis still in love for her U OK HUN? #OurGirl".

A third added: "Georgie's kissing a guy other than Elvis, I'm not sure this night can get much worse tbh #OurGirl".

Other viewers were more concerned with the general storyline as the episode lead into a frantic search for Georgie after she was trapped under rubble and debris in a building following an earthquake.

A viewer tweeted: "I've found more entertainment in reading the tweets on how much #OurGirl has gone downhill, rather than actually watching it."

Some mocked Keegan's perfect hair and make-up after the earthquake, with someone else adding: "How does Michelle Keegan's make up stay flawless when on a relief mission in Nepal and mine can't even survive my commute to work #ourgirl".

While Georgie smooches her new man among the ruins, some orphaned children she was acquainted with go missing – a human trafficker called Da Chand kidnaps them.

Military intelligence discovers that he's part of a terrorist network and there's a chance he will lead them to the more important target of Aatan Omar. This leaves 2-section to track him and to assist a Special Forces Unit led by a familiar and unwelcome (in Georgie's eyes) face – her ex-fiancé Elvis.

Our Girl continues next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC1.