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Outlander Season 1 Episode 5 titled 'Rent' will air tonight (6 September) and the episode's promo clip (below) hints that more trouble lies ahead for Claire.

In the upcoming episode, Claire will be following some of the MacKenzies as they collect rent and taxes. However, she might be a little disturbed as to how Dougal plans to get the money from people, according to the latest episode synopsis.

The MacKenzies are raising money for war (The Jacobite Cause) but only Claire knows how the future will unfold. She begins to remember some of the details of the historical events that happen in 18th century Scotland, and she tries to convince the MacKenzies they aren't going to win the war. However, her genuine concerns result in the MacKenzies growing even more suspicious of her and believe her to be an English spy.

Will Claire's actions change history? Watch as she goes head-to-head with Dougal in the upcoming episode.

Outlander Episode 5 'Rent' will air tonight at 9pm ET (5pm GMT) on Starz.

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The episode will also be made available online on the official Starz website. Click here to access.