Red Barrels' long-awaited horror sequel Outlast 2 is out on Tuesday 25 April on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and to mark its release a new launch trailer has been released. Naturally it's creepy, and scary. Of course it's scary.

Outlast 2 was first announced shortly after the release of the popular original game on console in 2014, and will tell the story of investigative journalist Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn, who crash land in an Arizonian desert while investigating the death of a mysterious woman.

Searching for Lynn, Blake soon find himself confronted by a terrifying sect cut off from society, who have no problem with murdering the intruder if they get their hands on him.

The trailer shows lots of creepy shots from the game - a shower running with blood, a figure hung from a distant tree, a woman on a torture rack - before showing some gameplay, which includes plenty of running, jumping and hiding.

The night vision view from behind the protagonists' handheld camera, a stylistic flourish the series is known for, is also present, so expect lots of murderers and other monsters to leap out at you from the darkness.

Outlast was a key release in the modern horror game renaissance alongside titles like Alien Isolation, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and PT. These games were characterised by the first-person perspective and made their protagonists relatively powerless against the threats in their worlds to heighten tension and fear.

Outlast itself sold over 4 million copies as of October 2016, huge for a game of its size. The sequel, with its bigger budget and reach will be hoping to match that success.

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