Parents of children studying in a Pennsylvania high school were outraged after they were alerted about a video showing a schoolgirl performing oral sex on a boy inside their school's biology classroom in presence of a teacher. The teacher was, however, unaware of the act, according to Fox 29 News.

The alleged incident, which was caught on camera and widely circulated among the school students, took place at Cheltenham High School in the US State, but when it happened was still unclear. A parent told the news channel they became aware of the video last week when their daughter brought it to their notice.

"Anger was the first thing. What in the world is going on?" The girl's father said of the video, adding that his daughter — a middle school student — was upset because of the incident and did not wish to study in that school anymore.

"A video was sent to her of a sex act going on in a neighboring class and she didn't want to be in that environment anymore."

Describing the shocking video, the girl's mother added, "This is the tape my daughter brought to my attention. She is down on her knees in the classroom performing oral sex. Very upsetting. Very upsetting."

The father said he drove to the school to speak with school officials soon after watching the video, but no one was available. The mother alleged that she called the school, but got no response, so she left a detailed description of the images on the voice mail. Yet, she did not receive a return call from the school, she said.

Other outraged parents too approached the school administration and were demanding strict action against the students involved in the sexual act, the news channel reported.

"From what I am being told several parents called and did not receive a response," the father added.

Local media reports stated that the school's Principal Dr Raymond McFall declined to comment on the incident, but a spokesperson for the School District told Fox 29 that "we followed our proper procedures, and turned the matter over to the local police" after being alerted about the video.

"We have not obtained or seen the video," the spokesperson added.