A paedophile who groomed young girls on the internet and who was revealed to have a fetish about his victims' necks has won a reduction in his jail sentence.

Robert Sinclair, 64, used a webcam to search for victims and persuaded one 13-year-old to throttle herself and put her fingers down her throat.

He also trawled websites and chatrooms pretending to be a teenage boy and secured explicit images of youngsters, which he threatened to publish online unless they did what he wanted.

He also approached a girl in an alleyway in Surrey, where he fondled her neck and took a photograph.

He was charged with a string of offences including sexual assault, blackmail, obscene communications and illicit use of a computer. One young girl was left tramatised and suicidal by his advances.

Sinclair was initially jailed for 12 years, but lawyers successfully argued at the Court of Appeal that it was too harsh and his sentence was reduced to nine years instead, reported Get Surrey

Referring to Sinclair's attempt to groom one young girl, Judge Lord Justice Bean said: "He threatened to distribute the existing pictures which she had sent him on Facebook and then on to her family if she didn't comply. He appeared to have a particular interest in children's necks."